Standard 6-Integrity

In the conduct of its programs and activities involving the public and the constituencies it serves, the institution demonstrates adherence to ethical standards and its own stated policies, providing support for academic and intellectual freedom.

The University has multiple policies in place that assure fair and impartial processes concerning student grievances, and how alleged violations of institutional policies are treated. [See: UAGM-VC Policy handbook, page 39-41]. They are widely available. The Ana G. Méndez University-VC assures that student grievances are addressed promptly, appropriately, and equitably. [See: Grievance research Process in the UAGM-VC Policy Handbook, page 42-43, UT Student Handbook, page 38, UT Student Regulation]See also UT Norms and Security Policies, 2011]

The University has fair and impartial practices in the hiring, evaluation and dismissal of employees. These documents include definitions and processes. [See: SUAGM Employee Conduct Code] [See: SUAGM Personnel Recruitment policy; SUAGM Human Resources Hiring Policy] [See: SUAGM Personnel Evaluation policy and Faculty Handbook, pages 49-74 & 91-94] [See also: SUAGM Professor Promotion policy][UAGM-CV Policy Handbook]

We have sound ethical practices and respect for individuals through our teaching, scholarship/research, service, and administrative practice, including the avoidance of conflict of interest or the appearance of such conflict in all our activities and among all our constituents. [See: SUAGM Employee Conduct Code] [ UAGM-CV Authentication Policy and UAGM-CV Proctor Policy]

We have an equitable and appropriately consistent treatment of our administration, faculty and students. This is evident in such areas as the application of academic requirements and policies, student discipline, student evaluation, grievance procedures, faculty promotion, tenure, retention and compensation, administrative review, curricular improvement, and institutional governance and management. We treat our constituencies with equity and respect because we had set policies and jealously guard their application. [See: UAGM-CV Policy Handbook, pages 19-34, 39-47 & 54-74, and UT Faculty Development Plan]. Our academic requirements are clearly established [See: UAGM-CV Graduate Catalog, pages 11-17 & 26-30] within the Virtual Campus and with our brokering partners [See: UT Graduate Catalog pages 11-17 & 26-30; SUAGM Faculty Handbook, pages 54-74; SUAGM Professor Promotion Policy and UT Faculty Development Plan].

We protect our climate of academic inquiry and engagement supported by widely disseminated policies regarding academic and intellectual freedom. The Professors Manual specifically states that the Institutions of the SUAGM guarantee academic freedom and free speech for its full time and part time professors. [See: SUAGM Faculty Handbook, pages 27-28]

Our institution has clearly established policies concerning the protection of intellectual property rights [See: UAGM-CV Policy Handbook, pages 9-17 & 36-38] and [See: SUAGM Intellectual Property Policy]. These policies take into account both distance education courses and "work for hire" situations [See also SUAGM Policy of Acceptable use of Internet].

The university promotes a climate that fosters respect among students, faculty, staff, and administration for a range of backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives. Our University looks for equity and diversity in recruitment, enrollment and retention of minority and disabled students. This climate is clarified, exposed and fomented in various courses that promote greater respect for diversity, differentiated ideas and perspectives. [See: Folder of MBA Online Syllabus]

We practice honesty and truthfulness in our public relations announcements, advertisements, and in our recruiting and admissions materials and practices. To avoid misleading information, the production of announcements, advertisements, and recruiting materials are strictly controlled and handled. [See: SUAGM Guía Relaciones Públicas] [See: UAGM- VC Informe de estrategias, and SUAGM Política de publicidad y publicaciones]

We have assured a wide variety of courses during each semester. Student progress is continually assessed to assure the availability of needed courses. [See Folder: Programaciones 2009-2012]

Presently, our courses are tied to Universidad del Turabo. Their catalogs are widely available electronically, but they are also available in print format. The web based catalogs can be found at and at

The UGMU-VC has a digital catalog. Because we are new, we only have one version (2011). This copy is available at . The Universidad del Turabo catalogs are available at their institution and at

Changes and issues affecting Ana G. Méndez University-VC mission, goals, sites, programs, operations, and other materials are very limited at this point due to the brokering nature of our institution. All academic changes are announced by the Universidad del Turabo, at and through direct communication (Bb-email messages or phone calls) with student affairs personnel at the UAGM-VC.

We are not able, at this time, to provide access of Virtual Campus factual information to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education concerning our annual data reporting, previous self-study, team report, or the Commission's actions, because we are not yet accredited candidates and right now we are working in a brokering arrangement with our sister institutions within the Ana G. Méndez University System. Once we are candidates for accreditation, we will be able to provide access to factual information to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, at

Information on Ana G. Méndez University-VC wide assessment is not available to prospective student because we do not have our own programs yet, as the Universidad del Turabo owns the programs we broker, so they provide their programs assessment information. However, once we are accredited, and able to run our own programs, we will be able to inform prospective students, about our graduation, retention, certification and licensing pass rates, and other outcomes appropriate to the programs offered. Once the candidate accreditation is conceded, we will develop our future agenda and start administrating our own programs, providing access to factual information to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, at

At present, we are still providing information about Universidad del Turabo programs, which we broker and coordinate the online services. However, information about the Ana G. Méndez University-VC programs is provided in a manner that ensures student and public access in common digital formats. As we became candidates for accreditation, and start our own programs, we will be able to provide access to more factual information to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, at

As said before, we are brokering the Universidad del Turabo MBA programs. However, the Ana G. Méndez University-VC will provide information concerning the fulfillment of all applicable standards and reports and other requirements of the MS Commission, once we are candidates for accreditation. Once we are candidates for accreditation, we will be able to provide access to factual information to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, at

The AGMUS has periodic assessments of all aspects of the university's life. This includes the evaluation of administrative structures and service effectiveness institutional policies, processes, practices, and the manner in which these are implemented. This is demonstrated through the System Institutional Assessment plan and through the Institutional Assessment Plans that each Institution provides. [See: SUAGM Strategic Assessment Plan and UAGM-VC Institutional and Learning Assessment Plan, pages 27-28]