Standard 9-Student Support Services

The institution provides student support services reasonably necessary to enable each student to achieve the institution's goals for students.

The collaboration between Ana G. Méndez University –Virtual Campus and the Universidad del Turabo has strengthened our student support services in order to be more appropriate to student strengths and needs. This is reflective of our mission, and is more consistent with student learning expectations. Also, it is available regardless of place. Staff from the Ana G. Méndez University –Virtual Campus has been deployed to the Universidad del Turabo to support students in regards to academic, financial aspects. While the services are aimed primarily to online students, efforts have been made to deliver equivalent services on campus via traditional means. This practice complies with a suggestion by the Middle States (2011) to put together a brokerage process for their MBA programs. [See Folder: UAGM-CV Servicio al estudiante MBO-OL subfolder: UAGM Student Services Presentation; Flowchart Narrative Services, UAGM-VC Procedimientos de servicios al estudiante] See: UAGM-CV & UT Flowchart Services;] [See: Folder: UT Admission Process and Student Services, subfolder: UT Procedimiento para oficializar la admission y program y UT Treasury Dept Proccess] [See: UT Student Handbook pages: 3-12,16, 18-21, 29 & 36-39] [See: UT Student regulations] and for library information See:

The Universidad del Turabo and the Ana G. Méndez University –Virtual Campus have qualified professionals that supervise and provide the student support services and programs. The personnel, of both institutions, have experience in the in the field of distance education. They frequently attend and actively participate in professional development activities that have expanded their knowledge and skills in this area. [See: Student Affairs personnel CV's]

Our procedures address the varied spectrum of student academic and other needs, in a manner that is equitable, supportive, and sensitive, through direct service and referral. [See: Folder: UAGM-VC Servicios al estudiante MBA OL, subfolders: Student Services Presentation; Procedimiento de servicio al estudiante; Flowchart Services Narrative; Apoyo al estudiante and Informe de talleres Blackboard] [See: UAGM & UT Flowchart Services][See: UT Student Handbook, pages: 3-12, 16, 18-21 29 & 36-39] [See: UT Student Regulations] See also: UAGM-CV Student Service Work Plan]

The Universidad del Turabo and the Ana G. Méndez University –Virtual Campus provide appropriate student advisement procedures and processes. Procedures include marketing, recruitment, admissions, financial aid, and registration. [See: UAGM VC & UT Flowchart Services; UT Normas académicas –Maestrías, pages 4-14] [See folder: UAGM-CV Servicios al estudiante MBA OL, subfolders: Informe taller de Blackboard, Student Services Presentation, Procedimientos de servicio al estudiante and Narrative FLowcart Services] [ See also:] and [See; folders: Formularios and Paquete informativo servicio al estudiante].

The Universidad del Turabo has reasonable procedures for equitably addressing student complaints or grievances . [See: UT Student Handbook, page 29] [See: UT Student Regulations, pages 1-5] [See: UT Normas académicas Programas de Maestrías, page 17-20] [See on folder : UT Admission process and Student Services, subfolder: UT Procedimientos de servicio al Estudiante MBA]

The Universidad del Turabo has records of student complaints or grievances [ See folder: UAGM-CV Servicio al estudiante MBA OL, the subfolders: Informe de servicios integrados 2012-13; Apoyo estudiante, Caso carta xxx; Caso querella UT; Caso referido a Calidad de Vida; and Procedimiento de servicio al estudiante]

The Ana G. Méndez -Virtual Campus has developed policies and procedures, in collaboration with the Universidad del Turabo, that assure a safe and secure maintenance of our student records. [See: SUAGM Manual de Normas y Procedimientos para la Disposición de Documentos]

The Universidad del Turabo has published and implemented policies concerning the release of student information. [See: UT Graduate Catalog, p. 16-18 and UT Student Handbook]. It is also published in:

The Ana G. Méndez University –Virtual Campus has developed ongoing assessment of student support services and the utilization of assessment results for improvement including policies and procedures, in collaboration with the Universidad del Turabo. [See: UT Normas Acad Programas de Maestrías] [See: UT Institutional Effectiveness Assessment Plan; UAGM Institutional and Learning Assessment Plan, p. 29-30.] [See also: SUAGM Estudio de satisfacción 2011-12 and Folder: UAGFM-CV Servicios al estudiante MBA OL, subfolders UAGM-VC Informe de Assessment Servicios al estudiante and Informe de servicios integrados 2012-13] See also: folders: UAGM-CV Reuniones de Staff- Student Support Services and Student Evaluation Services 2013]